Technical Center

Quality and efficiency

As the Automotive and Recreational markets continue to evolve, getting products to market more quickly has become even more critical. We no longer get 1 or 2 years to develop a product, we are now asked to get products designed, tested and ready for mass production in 6 months.

Thanks to our technical center, we provide prototyping, design validation, and thorough testing to assist in giving your company an advantage over your competition in getting to the market first.


Our technical center provides our customers with design validation via rapid prototyping. First we use our software to show that a design is feasible in theory. Next, we produce prototypes to prove out the designs. This rapid prototyping process also allows us to transition from design to serial production quickly because all of our prototypes are produced on production representative equipment and processes.


At Liberty Spring, we offer the state of the art testing equipment in order to prove out a design ability to meet the product’s strict fatigue life requirements.


At Liberty Spring, we take pride in being able to offer our customers material and product analysis before any parts move to the production process or for part breakage analysis.

This design optimization is part of our normal process and we feel deeply about taking the necessary steps to eliminate as many potential issues up front and definitely before any issues can reach our customers. In addition, our customers have benefitted from our ability to react quickly and accurately in order to provide them with a timely resolution.